Removals Unlimited protects your home!

Every move is unique, this is why at Removals Unlimited we always takes the time to meet with every client face-to-face making sure we listen and assess your relocation requirement in details.

Some requirement might be simpler than others but all are different.

We will give guidance that will help your move go as safely and efficiently as possible. You are also welcome, ahead of your move, to read our blog where we share tips and tricks pros and cons on the best preparation and approach to your upcoming move.

Local moves, long-distance moves, house moves, office moves or flat moves…we will build your moving plan and schedule meticulously so that there are as little contingencies as possible on the day.

Removals Unlimited in Bournemouth offers bespoke relocation services – full packing and moving or moving only.

In every occasion, Removals Unlimited and its team of professional movers will always protect your home.

We use the highest quality door guards and floor protection technologies available on the market to keep your residence clean and unmarked.

Cream carpets are not afraid of us!

The team is highly trained on making sure they move your belongings with the upmost care so that you feel comfortable and in control.

Customer service is of paramount importance to us, and that’s one of the main ingredient that separate us from your traditional removals company out there.

The Removals Unlimited team understand that they are coming into your life at a time of change and stress. Their job is to provide comfort by guiding you through the moving process and removing the anxieties attached to moving.

“Our passion is your delight. We truly care for what we do.”

Our goal is to allow our passion and natural happy-state to help you relax and take your mind off the actual moving day so that you can focus on the important parts…planning your new home, unpacking, dinner and more.

Our satisfaction is to see you (our customer) reach that moment of relief.

Removals Unlimited always aims at elevating its services to new heights – you are our most important partner through our journey as a business.

Through our customer’s experience we know that we can reach out beyond the world of marketing and attain the best channel of recommendation – word of mouth.

Our customers’ reviews express this perfectly well.

Our team has been selected judiciously – they are all non-smokers, caring, hard-workers, sports people and hospitable.

Removals Unlimited has one goal – making your move seamless.

Moving home is more stressful than a relationship breakdown, divorce or even a new job, according to research.

Almost two in three placed the ordeal at the top of their stress list in a poll of 2,000 adults who have moved home in the past three years.

Relationship breakdown, divorce and starting a new job were all joint second.

An average Briton will move home five times during their lifetime and the stress of it will last more than three months, the research for energy company E.ON found.

Removals Unlimited exists so that research statistics are proven wrong through using its services.

Trust us to display care and professionalism, call us today for a free no obligation quote.

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Morgan Marouani