2017 has been an incredible journey for Removals Unlimited!

When we initially observed the current removals market before starting our company we immediately sensed that there was a gap.

Nearly 6 months on, we are pleased to see that we are filling that gap through our passion for perfect customer service and our hard work looking after your belongings (and much more…but we don’t want to give out our trade secrets just yet :)).

Each relocation project we undertake has been carefully planned to ensure your moving day is completely stress free from our removals’ service point of view. Whether you’re moving locally, within Dorset and Hampshire or nationwide our Removals Unlimited Bournemouth team is ready.

Training our people is an integral part of our company culture – we want each and every single Removals Associate to be a complete extension of what our company stands for = always polite and courteous, always on time, never in a rush, and always looking after your belongings like if they were ours!

Call us any time should you need advice and please give us the opportunity to offer you a free quote.

Until then, have a lovely time planning your next “move”!

Morgan Marouani